About us

PUNK PARROT is a Polish clothing brand promoting veganism, animal rights and feminism.

It offers T-shirts (also sports ones), sweatshirts, bags and posters with said motifs. The brand has been launched at the beginning of 2016 by vegans - Eva and Radek.

-"We believe that the clothes we wear can not only be fabrics with just "pretty pictures"

but also a kind of a banner spreading our notions to the world outside. We created PUNK PARROT because we want a world that is equal and free for everyone: not only for the people but also for the animals. We want these T-shirts, sweatshirts, posters nad pillowcases to draw attention and force to think about some important issues like women's rights, veganism or animal rights and at the same time make a real change in the world" - they say.

It's an offer for individuals and rebels who like colours and black humour and everyone else who look beyond divisions and think outside the box.

Our stuff is made and printed exclusively in Poland.

We do not buy readymade T-shirts and sweatshirts from China or Bangladesh because we support the local market and hold to moral values, which is also a relevant part of our mission. Our products are made in an ethical way and according to the highest labour standards.