Vegan, silver printed big bag with a zipper - VEGAN WITCHES

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Vegancraft & witchcraft

We have quite silly polish saying 'Curiosity is the first step to hell" which is sometimes translated into english as 'Curiosity killed the cat'. In fact it is quite the opposite. Here curiosity which precedes knowledge, saved the rooster and the snake. And seriously, veganism can save much more than your one life, it can save the earth.


Our design, based on anonymous, medieval print.


TEXTILE : 100% cotton

DIMENSIONS : 39 x 50 cm. (without lugs)

PRINT : durable, silver screenprint

BACK OF THE BAG : small Punk Parrot logo

CARE : wash in max 40 °C

MANUFACTURE : sewn and printed in Poland



DELIVERY - less than 10 euro in EU