Men's fullprint sweatshirt - LADY WITH AN ERMINE

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Hands off, my Lady!

Men's sweatshirt presenting our version of one of the most famous paintings.

This time the ermine had something to say, emphasizing the unbreakable bond with its own fur. To dispel the dreams of its beatiful/thoughtful lady about as 'beautiful' fur coat, the ermine bites her finger off.

Black humor for fans of blackness in all colors of the rainbow.


Punk Parrot graphics prepared in a harmonious cooperation with the master Leonardo da Vinci (supposedly vegetarian). The original is in the Czartoryscy Museum in Cracow, Poland. T-shirt just in time for a trip to the place - will certainly outshine the original ;-)


Measure in centimeters your favourite sweatshirt and select from the chart below the right size for you :

Sweatshirts size charts
XS A: 46 B: 65 C: 50
S A: 49 B: 68 C: 52
M A: 51 B: 72 C: 53
L A: 52 B: 73 C: 55
Tolerance of the dimensions +/- 1,5 cm.
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FABRIC: highly breathable, white inside and nice in touch, synthetic

PRINT: all-over, durable, impossible to feel when touched

ECOLOGY: dyes and printing tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Institute

GRAPHIC: repeated also on the back of the sweatshirt

CARE: washing temperature 30 °C, ironing not necessary