Against hunting poster - THE STAG VS HUNTER

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Fall guy - falling prey

Energizing vision for every vegan and ALL ANIMALS lovers

Poster where a hunter fell prey to stag's revenge. Finally. In any case, shotgun in the woods is not welcome. A characteristic hat with a feather as well. And bloody spots in the bushes - let them come only from ripe raspberries.

Poster designed by Punk Parrot and inspired by the short fim :

We keep our fingers crossed for animals of the world.

If you cange your mind after purchase it is ok, you have 14 days to decide

Visualization of the poster in the interior - on the basis of a project by "Fabryka Wnętrz - Lucyna Kołodziejska."

GRAPHIC: original project by Punk Parrot

SIZE: 70X100 cm (B1), 50x70 cm (B2)

PAPER: mat, density 140g

PACKING FOR SHIPPING: thick cardboard tube



Poster sold without frame