Divine and vegan... bag - NATKA BOSKA

  • Manufacturer: PUNK PARROT
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Go green

The idea for the design came from resemblance of polish words "natka" (parsley leaves) and "matka" (mother)

The one believed to be the most famous mother (mother of god) is in polish called "matka boska" (directly translating it from polish is "mother the divine" ). So we exchanged "matka" into "natka" and created "Natka boska" - the new version of goddes. If you find it twisted enugh it is ok, belive us in polish it seems much more clear and sounds better. Anyway - enjoy !


Original design by Punk Parrot


TEXTILE : 100% cotton

DIMENSIONS : 39 x 50 cm. (without lugs)

PRINT : durable screenprint

BACK OF THE BAG : plain, small, greeen Punk Parrot logo

CARE : wash in max 40 °C

MANUFACTURE : sewn and printed in Poland



DELIVERY for less than 10 euro in EU

Vegan bag for vegan shopping to make vegan shopping. For you, friends, animals, for the planet :-)