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The Parrot rules !

We have a soft spot for our charming, vegan parrot

Yes, we have to admit; , she captivates us with her uncompromising style, and the twinkle in her eye ;-)

For the photo shoot posed Paulina, vegan.



Measure in centimetres your favourite T-shirt and select the right size for you :

Rozmiary koszulek
Size XS A- length: 62 B- width between armpits: 41 sleeve length: 12
Size S A- length: 65 B- width between armpits: 43 sleeve length: 13
Size M A- length: 67 B- width between armpits: 46 sleeve length: 14
Size L A- length: 69 B- width between armpits: 49 sleeve length: 15
Size XL A- length: 71 B- width between armpits: 53 sleeve length: 16
Size XXL A- length: 73 B- width between armpits: 57 sleeve length: 17
T-shirt's width at the very bottom is one centimetre biger than between its armpits.
Tolerance of the dimensions +/- 1 cm.
Do you prefer the T-shirt cut straight and/or a bigger size? See here
If you change your mind after purchase it is ok, you have 14 days to decide.

FABRIC: back of the T-shirt and its sleeves are made of cotton - tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Institute,

front of the T-shirt is made of thin and nice in touch, highly breathable synthetic

SIZE: XS, S, M, L, Xl, XXL

CUT: women

PRINT: durable, impossible to feel when touched

SEWING: tourquise thread is used on the edges of the T-shirt, strengthening tape is sewn over its neck

CARE: washing temperature 30 °C