Feminist poster - MARY THE FEMINIST

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Blessed are those who follow their own path..

Mary as a feminist is just a vision of a kind 'why not'?

Someone once said "It is not hard to choose a role in history, art is to play the role that history has chosen for us."  Or an interpretation which might trigger a few questions. Did she want or could refuse? More in this was the honor or the sacrifice? Who would she be today, who would visit the divine messenger? And with what would he come back? Without a flower or with power?

Original artwork by Punk Parrot


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GRAPHIC: original, copyrighted project by Punk Parrot

SIZE: 70X100 cm (B1) or 50x70 cm (B2)

PAPER: mat, density 140g

PACKING FOR SHIPPING: thick, cardboard tube



Poster sold without frame