Pro-choice pillowcase - ANNUNCIATION

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Yes for flowers

Feminist & pro-choice pillowcase with the scene of the Annunciation from (alternative) contemporary perspective.

Mary politely refusing the proposal of the archangel Gabriel, but gladly accepting flowers sent.

In our modern, feminist version, should first take care of her education, passions and professional competence (maybe an internship at respectable company or institution, volunteering in Africa, Italian lessons or snowboarding?). And then decide to have a child - or not. But it will be only the conscious decision, not sent from the 'above' (even so saint one ;-)
Perfect not only for Sundays ;-)
Original artwork by Punk Parrot based on the image of maestro Sandro Botticelli from 1489-1490.

FABRIC: soft and comfy - 60% cotton, 40% polyester

SIZE : 50x50 cm.

PRINT: on both sides, durable, impossible to feel when touched

ZIP FASTENER : sewn at the bottom, hidden

CARE : wash in 40°C

MANUFACTURE : printed and sewn in Poland