Against hunters, fullprint sweatshirt - THE STAG VS HUNTER

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Stag to hunter - Kindly leave my forest. PLEASE

Anti-hunters sweatshirt depicting a victorious battle of a stag versus hunter. An example of a long-awaited justice in the world of animals, vegans and opponents of hunting. The inspiration came from this short film:
Well, the forest is home to animals, and self-defense is lawful :-)
Not just for a trip into the wilderness. Original artwork design by Punk Parrot.

Measure in centimeters your favourite sweatshirt and select from the chart below the right size for you :

Sweatshirts size charts
XS A: 46 B: 65 C: 50
S A: 49 B: 68 C: 52
M A: 51 B: 72 C: 53
L A: 52 B: 73 C: 55
Tolerance of the dimensions +/- 1,5 cm.
If you change your mind after purchase it is ok, you have 14 days to decide

FABRIC: highly breathable, white inside and nice in touch, synthetic

PRINT: all-over, durable, impossible to feel when touched

ECOLOGY: dyes and printing tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Institute

GRAPHIC: repeated also on the back of the sweatshirt

CARE: washing temperature 30 °C, ironing not necessary