We have a set of topics important for us and  - veganism, feminism, animal rights.

Thou serious, here we add some humor in a style we like, sometimes a black one, and irony.

We believe in the power of energizing and inspiring graphics and a good humor.Here they are : posters and pillows for your interiors - home, office, studio and bags for you.

Colorful, funny, full of energy is a place of our dreamas. We believe the stuff we wear and surround ourselves with strongly influences how we feel and who we are, even form us and others - around us. We are fed up with dull, plain colors which some call 'the colors of the earth'. There are much more to choose from than range of 'ish' ones, like greyish, brownish, etc. and pale pinks or pastel ones.

And by the way - all our stuff we produce in Poland :)